Welcome to Affinity Self Publishing Ltd

Affinity Self-Publishing Limited was launched on the 12th May 2014 and is the brainchild of authors Ken Porter and Stephen Wynn.

Collectively they have written books in the mainstream as well as the self-publishing world of writing, and know at first hand the pitfalls which can beset authors in their efforts to have their manuscripts published.

The world of literary agents and mainstream publishers can be an intimidating place to venture into at the best of times with no guarantee that your finished manuscript will ever see the light of day. Agents and publishers aren’t necessarily looking for literary masterpieces; they are looking to make money, plain and simple.

What makes a good story relies on subjective opinion, but as the author shouldn’t your opinion count as well? Yes, it most definitely should, so let us help you to turn ‘Your Dream into a Reality.’

Our main aim and vision is to help provide authors with the opportunity and the platform to turn their finished manuscript into a properly published book without the stress, uncertainty and disappointment that can come with the world of traditional mainstream publishing, whilst at the same time providing excellent value for money.

You will have no doubt spent months tirelessly writing and researching your story and now want to see it in print and published, that’s where we come in.

  • A camp reunion brings everything to ahead as ex POW's, camp guards and local residents all meet up, and the truths finally come out.
  • The final piece of the mystery is a Diary discovered 30 years after the end of the war. People interpret its contents in different ways.
  • The woman gives birth to a son whilst her husband is away fighting in the war, the identity of the child's father is unknown.


Ken Porter


Stephen Wynn


Chris Burch