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At Affinity Self Publishing Limited

We have always admired and understood the ability of Authors to write engaging, convincing, and intricate story lines, whilst creating characters that readers can develop their own feelings for.

What is often referred to as traditional mainstream publishing can sometimes be a very unfair and unforgiving environment for budding authors to find themselves in. It can also reduce the opportunities for aspiring authors to have their finished work published.

As one of our authors you will receive one of the best royalty levels available in the Self-Publishing market for the sale of your books, which will hopefully help to encourage you to continue with your writing.

Our business model allows us to publish any book even if it sells in relatively small numbers. All of our author’s books are made available for bookshops throughout the UK to take as ‘core stock’ (That’s not to say that they will be), as well as being available on Amazon, which potentially provides you with a world-wide audience. As an author if you wish to sell your book to friends and colleagues you can also choose to purchase copies of it direct from us at an ‘authors reduced rate.’

These are just some of the reasons why the self-publishing option is an ideal alternative to traditional main stream publishing, you decide. Whichever option you eventually choose, please do your research thoroughly on who it is you let publish your cherished manuscript, because what might appear to be a ‘bargain’ or a ‘good deal’, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be getting the best value for your money.

“Avoid prologues.” Some authors go with a prologue and some don’t. Simply a matter of personal choice.

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